Calls to Worship: Ordination

I have been honored to write liturgy for two ordination services recently, one for my soon-to-be husband and one for the soon-to-be Reverend Mary Beth. The calls to worship from both services are included below, along with the scriptures used for the service.

Both use the phrase “gather” a lot, not because I couldn’t find a synonym but because I believe the word is so important. When we assemble to worship our God, we come from all places–physical, mental, and emotional–and we find ourselves intentionally gathered around a common word, a common prayer, and a common experience interpreted a countless number of ways.

May these prayers remind you of the God who gathers us all–an unlikely and unruly flock seeking to walk a journey of faith together.


Isaiah 43:1-13 and Matthew 22:1-14

We gather together to worship God.

We gather because we have seen.

We have seen a bush aflame,

And yet it was not consumed.

We have seen the five small loaves,

And yet there is bread leftover.

We gather because we have heard. We have heard God’s voice in mighty thunder

And in sighs too deep for words.

We have heard God’s name on a mountaintop,

And we have heard God call our names.

We have seen. We have heard.

We are here. Let us worship God together!


Micah 6:6-8 and John 21:15-19

We are gathered together to hear God’s call,

And to help one another listen.

We are gathered together to feed God’s sheep,

And to allow ourselves to be fed.

We are gathered together to do justice, to love kindness,

And to walk humbly with our God.

Come! Let us feed and be fed.

Come! Let us worship God together.

Peace be with you. [And also with you.]


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