A Prayer for the Airport

Like thousands of other travelers, I’m spending today sitting in an airport–missing flights, rearranging flights, and trying to get from point A to point B with my sanity intact. Here’s a little prayer for the airport. Send it to someone who’s traveling today, save it to your phone for your next trip, or pray it from where you are!

A Prayer for the Airport

Lord, I pray for the airport–
For those coming, those going, and those just trying to do their jobs.

Bless the soul of the tired gate agent,
Bearing the burden of every cancelled flight.
Bless the hands of the patient flight attendants,
Serving up pretzels, Coke products, and grace.

Calm the nerves of the first time flyer.
Hold her hand during takeoff and landing.
Soothe the worries of the crying toddler,
And gift his seat mates with patience and earplugs.

Bless the journeys of those far from home,
Whether traveling for business, pleasure, or family.
May their seat belts click tightly, their meetings go smoothly,
and their welcomes be ones of warm embrace.




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2 responses to “A Prayer for the Airport

  1. Amy Talmadge

    Thanks for being a mom to a 16 year old, in the midst of the chaos!


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