A House Blessing

It’s that time of year. Moving time. As I write this, I look around and see boxes in every corner, signs that it is time to say goodbye to one home and hello to another.  Below is a “house blessing” prayer in the Celtic tradition–a ritual that aims to ask God’s blessing upon each room as well as dedicate the house/apartment/dwelling and all that takes place in it to the service of God.

May this prayer remind you to look for God’s presence in every place, from the kitchen sink to the baptismal font.

Opening: Gather in the entrance of the home, near the door.

Gather with Scripture: A Reading of Psalm 16

Move to the front door.

God of our coming and going, we ask that you bless this simple wooden door. Bless those who knock upon it,

And bless those who answer it.

Bless those who enter through it,

And bless those who exit.

May its locks provide protection and safety

But never exclusion or harm.


Move to the Living Room.

God of our sitting and standing, we ask that you bless this living room. Bless the friends and family who will gather here and the laughter that will be shared.

Bless the burdens and sorrows that will be carried here and the tears that will be shed.

O God, bless the movies that will be watched here and the drinks that might be spilled.

May this room soon be filled with happy memories and always with your presence.


Move to the kitchen.

God of our cooking and our cleaning, bless this kitchen and the meals that it will bring.

May we taste the goodness of God in every apple pie, the body of Christ in every loaf of bread.

Bless the pots and pans that fill the cabinets.

May their warm contents fill stomachs and soothe souls.

Bless the many dishes that will be washed, rinsed, and dried here.

May each drop of water be baptismal, cleansing, and claiming,


Move to the dining room or other table.

A Reading of Scripture: Luke 24:13-31

Place your hand upon the table.

God of our eating and our drinking, bless this table and all those who will gather here.

As we break bread together, help us to recognize Christ among us.

As we dine with friends and family at this table, remind us of the people with whom you dined:

The strangers, the sinners, the outcasts.

Help this table to be one of hospitality.

Help this table to resemble yours. Amen.

Close the ritual by sharing a meal around the table.



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  1. Love this, Anna. Thanks. We did a house blessing for moving to and from our place in Durham. It was beautiful and grief-filled in all the ways our spirits needed. Hope that you also receive a blessing in your transition!


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