Mark 1:14-20 Prayers of the People

Holy God, Jesus came to proclaim good news–news of hope, joy, and justice for all.

We live in that good news, and we celebrate the glimpses of your reign in our midst. We give thanks for everyday moments of grace: the splash of rain that reminds us we are claimed, the touch of a neighbor’s hand that warms our deepest cold, the sounds of laughter, singing, and silence, that seem to carry the voice of your Spirit.

Jesus came came to proclaim good news, but he came in the midst of bad news.

As we remember the joy and hope of your promises, we pray for places in our lives and in our world where sadness, worry, and illness cast a dark shadow. 

Jesus said, “Come, follow me,” and the disciples dropped their nets.

May we hear those simple words again, and may we come, just as we are.

May we have the faith to believe that we are good enough, strong enough, brave enough–that we are enough to be loved and called by you. 



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