Call in a Crisis

It is my practice that I am off the grid during vacation, except for pastoral crises.

World, this is a pastoral crisis.

Last Sunday, I preached on Galatians 5. Today, I need to hear the words I preached last week.
There is evil in the world, beloved ones. Be careful not to add to it.
But the spirit of God is working among us, and the fruit of the spirit is love.

Find the love, everyone, and help it grow. That is our call.

Breathe deeply. Do not add to the hatred. Help the love grow.

In a “normal” pastoral crisis, I sit vigil with the grieving or hurting people. I wait with them. I pray with them. I lament with them. I listen to them. I hold their hands and point to the faithfulness of God.

So today, I do those things with the world. For the family of Alton Sterling. For the family of Philando Castile. For the family the Dallas officers whose names have not been released. For your family. For my family. For every family, and for everyone without a family.

Find someone to sit with you, to wait with you, to pray with you, to lament with you. Find someone to listen to you, and listen to someone. Find someone to point to the faithfulness of God.

Breathe deeply. Do not add to the hatred, and help the love grow.


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